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What a website can do for you

Today, many people will encounter your business or organization for the first time on the Internet. And once they know you are there, they will return to it for reminders of what you do and to learn what's new. The 'net is the twenty-first century equivalent of the phonebook, the post office, the town square, the street map, even the over-the-fence backyard chat, all rolled into one. Most organizations will benefit greatly by defining their presence in this dynamic medium with their own website.

MindPick Software can help you succeed on the Internet by providing an affordable custom website unique to you and your business, one that is easy for your customers to find and use. Your website should reflect both the function and the personality of your enterprise. Its content, design, layout, navigation, and images should all portray who you are and why people need you. And it should give your clients easy access to information about you when they need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What you can do with a website

Think about the ways you can use the Internet to improve your business and serve your customer. Take all the content, package it up in an easy-to-use form, add some graphics or a little animation, and you have a website that will enhance your business and delight your customers.

For examples of MindPick Software's designs, see our latest work done for the North Coast Farm Bureaus, The Lorain Soil and Water Conservation District, and Si Señor Mexican Grills. The North Coast Farm Bureaus site provides, in a clean, easy to read format, the benefits of belonging to a Farm Bureau. The Lorain Soil and Water Conservation District site shows how consistent design and navigation enhances the look and usability of a website. The Si Señor Mexican Grill site reflects the festive atmosphere of the restaurant, tells the public everything they need to know about visiting it, and is inviting. What is important to recognize is that each site is unique to the organization it represents and satisfies the needs of that organization.

If you're ready to take control of your presence on the Internet, contact MindPick Software today.

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